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T-shirts of Collect the Label are wearable works of art


The other day we were invited for the opening of the new website of the very nice fashion brand “Collect the Label“. It is a unique brand about very cool T-Shirts that are only available on the Internet.

What is the story about this company?

On their website they tell use the following:

David & Daniel were born in Israel but grew up together in the Netherlands.

From a very young age, they both shared strong common interests: fashion, art and music.
These interests they inherited from their mother, who encouraged them to explore every form of creativity.
This is why the brothers form a strong team ever since the nineties.

After many years of studying and working to meet society’s expectations, the urge arised within them to mean more to the world. So they decided to make a change.
They started talking about fulfilling one of their shared dreams: to start a fashion brand that honours creativity in daily life.

On their travels, they met many creative people with inspiring stories.
David and Daniel realised these artists deserved a bigger audience.
They decided to start helping them to share their stories.
They went on a mission to create wearable works of art.

For an impression of the event in Amsterdam, you can watch the video below:

We were surprised by the creativity of this young company. We saw beautiful and special designed T-Shirts with unique features and some of the T-Shirts are limited. The T-Shirts are very recognizable and have their own signature.

If you want to wear art, please visit the webshop of Collect the Label.

Photo & Video Credits: Amsterdam Today



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