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Disappearance of a 50.000 Egyptian Army

21/12/2015 // 0 Comments

Ever heard the story about the Persian king Cambyses who sent his army of 50,000 men into the desert and they never came back? They supposedly just disappeared. This is one [...]


20/12/2015 // 0 Comments

THE 25 BEST FILMS OF 2015 A video countdown from David Ehrlich (One of the Best), headphones are recommended. David is the Senior Editor of [...]

Selena Gomez “Hands To Myself”

19/12/2015 // 0 Comments

Selena Gomez Hands To Myself is track no. 3 from the album “Revival”. “Hands to Myself” is a song about giving yourself pleasure! Produced by Max Martin. [...]

Financing Quality Journalism

19/12/2015 // 0 Comments

In het rapport ‘Financing Quality Journalism’ worden 52 manieren beschreven hoe mediabedrijven in het huidige digitale tijdperk met kwaliteitsjournalistiek geld [...]

Masters of LXRY was een enorm succes!

15/12/2015 // 0 Comments

Van 10 t/m 14 december 2015 bezochten 46.000 bezoekers Masters of LXRY in de Amsterdam RAI. Dit zijn 3.500 meer bezoekers dan vorig jaar. Dit jaar groeide de beurs met 3.000 [...]

The Top 5 Horror Films

13/12/2015 // 0 Comments

Time for a new horror movie top 5 list for your nightmare pleasures! 5. Let Me In An alienated 12-year-old boy befriends a mysterious young newcomer in his small New Mexico [...]
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