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Let’s finally forbid any kind of war


Ever since man exists, there is also war. War is the worst invention ever invented by people to deal with issues and war should be banned fore ever. The question is: is war actually forbidden?

Charter of the United Nations

We all know that war is not desired. The so-called aggression prohibition is found in article 2 of the Charter of the United Nations: States must not use violence against each other. Though they have the right to defend oneself against aggression of other States. Furthermore, the Security Council may decide on the use of force to restore or to protect peace and security. That war is not desired, does not mean that it is really forbidden, unfortunately. Let us all finally agree that war in any form must be prohibited and that we offer solutions by peaceful means for high spiking issues. In any case: stop every war on earth!

Why should we as humans accept wars any longer? What has yielded us as human beings?

The only thing that war gives us are new devices, new software and things like that. It is about new inventions. Unfortunately, this kind of inventions are meant to kill people. After a war has stopped, it turns out that this new inventions in peacetime could be useful in favor of people, but with a different objective. It’s just how you handle it. Radar was invented to see enemy planes in time of war. Now it would have been unthinkable the lack of radar at the current air travel where continuous 16,000 aircraft are transporting people and cargo everyday.

The negative side effects of a war are numerous

These may include:

Numerous people die or are injured. This also applies to animals. Many physical disabled, but also many people with mental health problems. Food Scarcity. Many refugees. War Crimes. Insecurity, threat and intimidation. Violence, sadness and desperation. Social distrust by treason and collaboration with the enemy. The costs are absurdly high. Destruction of many buildings. Art theft and art destruction. Economic decline. The infrastructure is broken, such as roads, bridges and airports. Improper use of raw materials. Environmental Pollutant. And much more.

To start a war is easy

We all know how to start a war, but we must focus on how we need to avert a war on the basis of the general prohibition that should come and based on alternative solutions. A war is often started by politicians or religious leaders. That’s a small club of humans, who are often elected by the people. They are arguing with each other and their problem is laid out to the population. The people must fight against other people. The people don’t want to fight at all and the people would like the politicians to settle it, but without war.

Politicians has to settle their dispute themselves

The intention is to figure out something, where the politicians settle their disputes without involving the people. Because violence is not allowed, the politicians have to do a showdown on a more enjoyable way. Maybe with a game where they play on a table or something like that. It would save a lot of grief and a lot of money!

What would be your solution?

Auteur: Frank Scheers

Photo credit: AZRainman / Foter / CC BY

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