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Executive Chef Nadia Frisina of 5&33 prepares the best truffle dishes


If you are invited by the talented Italian Executive Chef Nadia Frisina of 5&33 to taste delicious truffle dishes, which are prepared by herself, then a big smile is unavoidable. The charming Nadia we have previously encountered at the opening of the truffle season at 5&33 and at the chic event at Flexform and Nadia wanted to use her culinary talent for us. What a unmatched tasty Truffle Surprise Menu we got served with perfectly matching wines and how about the taste of the white and black truffles? The taste of white and black truffles are and stay very extraordinary, very nice and very impressive.

Nadia is born on the beautiful island of Sicily and she was immediately fascinated by the art of cooking. After her high school education she is was further educated at the International Culinary Hotel and since then she has worked as Executive Chef in 5-star hotels in Taormina, Padova and Siena in Italy, but also in Beijing and Macao in China. Since July 2015 Nadia is the Executive Chef of 5&33 and her extensive gastronomical experiences are quite noticeable at this atmospheric restaurant in the Art’otel.


Executive Chef Nadia Frisina with her dedicated kitchen team

Executive Chef Nadia Frisina and her professional culinary team members, who mainly come from Italy, include also Bar & Events Manager Matteo Pez and Assistant F & B Manager Federica Jansen. They are very friendly and you are very well informed by them about what you want to eat and what you finally ordered.

Truffles from Piedmont

What are truffles anyway? Truffles are mushrooms that grow in the ground. They come in many shapes and sizes. The most famous is the black truffle. In the Piedmont region, especially at the location of the town Alba, they find especially the white truffle, wich are also known as the white gold. A white truffle is worth a lot of money and is more aromatic than black truffle. There is a daily rate, but $7000 for a kilo is a nice directive. This year they are also pretty pricey, because there are not so many because of the lack of rain. In addition, they are only available between October and December. A truffle is only 15 days edible and therefore only findable. In those 15 days they give a strong smell. So it well may be that you’re on one day in exactly the same spot in the woods and find nothing and suddenly the next day you will find a truffle. Truffles remain special and an important addition to the tastes of Italian cuisine.

Alba is located on the North-Western side of Italy above San Remo. Every year there will be held a truffle fair in Alba. In Alba is also the headquarters of Ferrero situated. Ferrero is famous for products like Nutella, Mon Chéri and Ferrero Rocher.

Art’otel and 5&33

The elegant Art’otel is a particular 5-star hotel where you will feel immediatly at home. Especially if you like art. The hotel is distinguished by traditional architecture and welcomes her guests since 2013. It is located in the Centre of Amsterdam opposite the main railway station and within walking distance of the main sights and shopping areas of the city.

In the hotel you will find the restaurant 5&33, where you can dine all day long until late at night. Before dining you can get a delicious aperitif in the bar of 5&33 and after dinner you can go to the bar to enjoy the best cocktails while enjoying very nice music.

At 5&33 is, next to the restaurant and the bar, a library, a lounge and a public, multifunctional Gallery.

The delicious Truffle Surprise Menu


Soft mashed potatoes, an egg boiled in broth, red onion and white truffle

The served wine: Zorzettig Ribolla Gialla Orientali, Friuli Venezia Giulia


Aquarello carnaroli risotto made with Chardonnay, veal stock and white truffle

The served wine: Cervaro della Sala Chardonnay 2013, Tuscany. With Chamomile on the nose, buttery and crispy on the tongue


Slowly cooked codfish, purple mashed potatoes and white truffle

The served wine: Il Principe Nebbiolo Michele 2014, Langhe Piedmont


Dark chocolade mousse, Italian meringue and black truffle 

The served cocktail “The Match Maker”: Paraty Cachaca, Frangelico and chocolate bitters


The cocktail “The Match Maker” breaks through all the sweets and the bitterness of the dessert, but meanwhile it combines the earthy flavor of the truffle very elegant with the dessert, thanks to the Cachaca (that for 6 months  is matured in barrels under the ground) and by the Frangelico a whiff of hazelnut is added

Nadia and her team at work




Make a reservation at 5&33

Make use of the truffle season and book a table at 5&33 and let Executive Chef Nadia Frisina cherish you with its elegant cuisine with truffle and the specially selected wines!

Author: Frank Scheers

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