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Shocking video: how easily a man can ‘drug’ unsuspecting women


If you go out for a drink you always have to be careful, because there are male preditors that could be putting drugs in your drink when you are not looking. Even if you think you are careful, look at this video!

“Don’t let your drink out of your sight!” Man highlights the dangers of date rape by proving how easily he can ‘drug’ unsuspecting women in a shocking video.

A terrifying new social experiment reveals just how how easy it is for a stranger to drug a woman’s drink – even if she is only looking away for a second.

Joseph Saladino, a popular Youtube prankster who goes by the online name Joey Salads, is trying to raise awareness about the dangers of date rape by demonstrating how easy it is for someone to slip a form of date rape drug, referred to by many as a ‘roofie’, into another person’s cocktail without their knowledge

‘Date rape is a big problem, I know plenty of people who have been drugged, and luckily they were not victim to date rape,’ Joey explained of the clip. ‘So please spread this message to protect young women.’

Use this link to watch the video and read more about this subject.


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