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We must continue to strive for freedom


Freedom, however, is not obvious. Freedom is not experienced by billions of people, because they are living in a war, are living under a dictatorship or by religions be hampered in their freedom.

In the Netherlands freedom is very important. The Dutch are free people. The Netherlands is one of the countries in the world where freedom is cherished. The Netherlands, however, has had a very dark period, in which their freedom was not possible for 5 years.

Occupation 1940-1945

As everyone knows, Netherlands was attacked on May 10 1940 by the Nazi’s and everyone in the Netherlands was deprived of their freedom. This black period has lasted 5 years. If you want to read more about the occupation in the Neteherlands you can read the diary of Anne Frank.


Thanks to countless heroes the Netherlands was liberated from the German occupying forces on May 5 1945. The Dutch were very happy that they got their long desired freedom back again and with a lot of energy they started with the reconstruction of the Netherlands.

May 4

On May 4 at 20: 00, the Dutch commemorate all the dead during a 2 minutes silence. Flags are hung at half mast. Not only the dead from World War II are remembered, but also the dead, who have fallen after the Second World War and who have fallen during military missions abroad. These missions are always aimed at preserving or restoring peace in countries where it is necessary. Dutch soldiers also help, at this moment, to protect people in countries where there is no peace.

During the commemoration, the Dutch are not only thinking about the dead, but also that their freedom is due to the many heroes who have liberated the Netherlands. In addition, everyone speaks out that any war should stop and no new wars may arise. War brings out the worst of men and as a result many people will be dead or injured and that there are no winners. Only losers.

May 5

The Dutch celebrate on May 5 that they are liberated from the Nazi’s. The Netherlands is free for 70 years now since 1945 and their freedom is celebrated every year with great pleasure. The flags go out, liberation parties are held, people relive the liberation by dressing in the style of 1945 and driving in restored vehicles and everyone is happy.


Happy with the regained freedom. Glad that it is so pleasant to live in the free Netherlands. Glad that they respect one another in this beautiful country on the North Sea.


Especially the Dutch are very grateful to all the veterans of countries like the USA, United Kingdom, Canada et cetera. They are every year invited to join the festivities and honered for their good work during World War II.


Listen here to a beautiful song about the war composed by the Dutch composer Rogier van Otterloo. The title is Soldier of Orange!


The Dutch people, on May 5, as every year, are speaking out their wish that everyone in the world should live in freedom. Achieving 100% freedom on the world will never be achievable, but freedom is one of the most beautiful things in the world to which we all should strive for continually.


Let’s make the world a better place to live on!

Photo credit: Joe Thomissen / Source / CC BY-ND

Photo credit: archer10 (Dennis) REPOSTING / Foter /CC BY-SA

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