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BABOOM: Kim Dotcom’s Crazy Plan to Save the Music Business

Music service Baboom launched to the public with what the company calls a “fair trade streaming” model, but without major label artists as well as its infamous founder: Kim Dotcom, who rose to fame as the founder of Megaupload, originally envisioned Baboom as a platform to take on the music industry, but left the company last year.

(The unbelievable story about this video, censored by UMG – Mega suing UMG – Reinstated by Youtube)


We believe in a world of creative and financial

Every artist should be fairly compensated
and have the final word on what happens in their career.

In this world, artists stay true to their
vision and loyal fans are part of the journey.

More than just quality music, loyal fans deserve
an authentic experience.

One that simply cannot be copied — a direct connection to
the artist.

We felt that the right way to achieve this
vision was to include artists and professionals
in the brainstorming process.

Each conversation taught us a bit more about
the pain points of the industry, and we quickly
realized that transparency was the way to go.

We needed to pay artists directly, and reduce

This is why we created Fair Trade Streaming.
In traditional streaming, all revenue goes
into a pot which is then distributed to artists
based on how many times they play.

The thing is, this model dictates that the
subscription that your fans are paying is
going to super popular artists, not to you.

So, “What is BABOOM doing differently?” — We want
your fans’ subscription to go directly to you.

You’re the whole reason they subscribed
in the first place!

And because some still enjoy buying music,
BABOOM combines Fair Trade Streaming with
a Music Store, enabling fans to build a
lossless unlimited music collection.

They can even upload their music, and have it available

All of this converges into a single, very important
point that was set in stone from day 1.

Artists get 90% of the revenue.

This is how dedicated BABOOM is in helping
artists become successful.

But we wanted to take it a step further.

Authors have a real hard time getting paid
for their work. That’s why BABOOM allows you
to pay directly to every writer, performer,
or otherwise rights holder.

Money is split right at the source… That simple!

And to help you maximize that income, BABOOM
combines your social engagement,
sales, and a number of other statistical information
into a Career Analysis dashboard.

This is particularly important because on
top of sales and streams,
BABOOM also pays you per Premium follower.

Build a quality fan base, by treating them
with exclusive experiences. Talk to them more often,
invite them for small, warm, exclusive
shows… It’s up to you!

And to help with that, BABOOM provides a bespoke
Ticketing solution, fully integrated with the
BABOOM listening experience.
Ultimately, every artist page becomes a hub
of their career, with music, videos, show schedule,
and everything that’s happening around them.

And the most exciting part…

This is just the beginning.


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