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Uberpop-drivers are not frightened by brass knuckles


Uberpop’s drivers have reported threats of violence. Still the illegal drivers keep doing their job. “I have experienced the war, do you think I’m a little worried with a few guests with brass knuckles?” says one of them. Uberpopchauffeur have been threatened with hammers and brass knuckles, their cars are destroyed because liquid is sprayed over the engine block. The drivers of Uberpop are engaged in illegal activities, but they are threatened the last week more and more. Aniel, a 42-year-old Uberpopper says the following about this. Friday he put his car just along side in the Wibautstraat; After an afternoon of work it was time for a sandwich. Within minutes, there were two cars in front of him and behind him, he couldn’t go any where. ‘ I stayed quiet, have mentioned to them that I wanted to talk with them if they would act normal ‘


Aniel, with the window open, however, was threatened. “They told me that if I would work even longer for Uberpop, they would beat me and they said they would vandalize my car. Eventually, I got away quickly over the sidewalk. At a traffic light just ahead I stood in front, then one rode around me and he tried to lock me again. When I drove away, he kicked a dent in my door. ‘

Aniel still drives for Uber. Like several of his colleagues he refuses to submit to ‘ a few taxi drivers who take the law into their own hands ‘.

Tension increases

Now the tension increases further on. A driver who will not wants his name in the newspaper, says he drives in a roundabout way home and he parks his car never again in his own street. ‘ There are half criminals between them, I’d rather not have that they know where I live. ‘

Uberpopbestuurder Durim also does not think of stopping. ‘ I come from Kosovo, I have experienced the war, do you think I’m a little worried about a few guests with brass knuckles? Keep ’em coming. If they touch me, they have a problem. ‘


According to a spokesman for Uber now five drivers have reported a threat and there are definitely three declarations on stack. Although it appears that many riders continue, it makes working not easier. ‘ It has obviously an affect on us. ‘ Both the judge and the inspection service has expressed that the Uberpop ILT service is illegal. There are now fifteen drivers fined. According to the taxi industry, far too little and among taxi drivers circulate lists on the internet with hundreds of names, badges and photos of drivers.

Tomorrow will meet Alderman Pieter Litjens (traffic) with State Secretary Wilma Mansveld so they can speak about Uberpop. ‘ The Alderman will press for visible and intensive enforcement on Uberpop, ‘ let the municipality know.

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