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St. Lucia: The perfect destination for an unforgettable and romantic wedding

When only extraordinary will do..  This lush tropical island has the best the Caribbean has to offer with some of the most stunning ceremony locations in the world. It’s Panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea, Pigeon Island, Rodney Bay Village and Marina sets the scene for your dream island destination wedding.

st Lucia

St. Lucia is one of the most romantic locations to hold your Caribbean wedding. The small, lush island is a hidden gem, with a natural beauty that serves as a perfect backdrop for you to celebrate your commitment to each other.

st Lucia Anse Chastanet

The majestic glory of the stunning Pitons, the amazing opulence of a lavish tropical garden or a spectacular cliffside add a unique backdrop to your dream day.

st lucia wall

Romance abounds at the resorts made for love, and you’ll find endless ways to enjoy your time together, from suites so exotic and romantic, to intimate dining beneath the moonlit sky, hand-in-hand strolls along the beach, and every land and water sport under the sun.

st lucia harbour

Perhaps one of the most quintessential images of Caribbean beauty is the striking Pitons of St. Lucia, twin green mountains rising up out of azure waters and casting peaked profiles against a sunny sky. But, St Lucia brags more than just these two natural wonders. This small island packs quite a varied punch: it is one of the only Caribbean islands to have both white and black sand beaches, a walk-in sulfur volcano, a rainforest with rare flora and fauna, active banana plantations, and a liberal sprinkling of high-end resorts and luxury villas.

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