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Post your vacancies for free on the new job site “Freelance Journalism”


On the high-quality and new job site Freelance Journalism (, which is exclusively focused on European vacancies and contracts for freelance media professionals where you can post for free your vacancies. The setting is very simple and you can put all the relevant information in well-organized categories, so the vacancy will be simple to see, uncluttered and clear for freelance media professionals.


Freelance media professionals

This new job site is not intended for jobs or vacancies with paid employment. It is specifically intended for freelancers and self-employed, who work in the media industry. Think about journalists, editors, reporters, cartoonists, copywriters, correspondents, editors, filmmakers, videographers, camera people, graphic designers, content specialists, PR and communication specialists, camjo’s, illustrators, photographers, translators, scriptwriters, SEO specialists, (online) designers et cetera.

As an extra also vacancies for internships for journalism students or communication can be posted for free.


Waarom levert online adverteren meer op dan adverteren in een krant?

Extended database

Freelance Journalism has invested over the past two years in building a large database with freelance media professionals. Currently more than 2500 freelance media professionals are member. More than 500 members of these are international and working outside the Netherlands.
Do you need a journalist, a correspondent or a copywriter from, for example, East Java, Serbia, Nigeria, Lebanon, New York or Jerusalem or a photographer, a camjo or a videographer from Turkey, Viet Nam, South Sumatra, Cambodia, Suriname or Bulgaria or are you interested in other international media professionals? Freelance Journalism can contact these international media professionals for you. So you do not have to search for yourself for these persons and that of course also applies to the more than 2000 Dutch freelance media professionals in their extensive database.

Are you focused, next to the free posting of a vacancy, on a search for a certain freelance media professional, because you are in a hurry to fill in the vacancy, then you can do that, too.

For what businesses is this interesting?

Especially companies from the media industry benefit from regularly hiring freelance media professionals. However also companies from a completely different industry often have a need for a freelance media professional. Big companies like Akzo Nobel, Heineken, KLM, Schiphol and Ziggo regularly have need for a freelance media professional as a copywriter, a translator, a photographer, a videographer, an illustrator or a content specialist, but also companies from small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, the job site Freelance Journalism, where you can post your job vacancies for free, is for any business interesting.

Time is money

Looking for a skilled freelance media professional often has to do with time. You hire a freelance media professional not for a long period, like you would do with a worker for a prolonged application period. As a company you directly need someone or at least in the short term. It is therefore an important issue that you can choose from a quality selection of freelance media professionals without losing time. At Freelance Journalism you can submit a search in addition to the free posting a vacancy. Make use of their services and visit for all information or to direct your search query or to submit your vacancy for free.

Freelance Journalism

Freelance Journalism is a high-quality, clear and specific job site, which is fast and results-oriented with a wide, professional and comprehensive database that is suitable for any business who is looking for a freelance media professional!


Note: is ambitious and focuses on vacancies not only from the Netherlands, but also from Europe!

Photo credits: Freelance Journalism


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