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HRH Princess Isabelle: “I am very passionate about African Art!”


Her Royal Highness Princess Isabelle Sobhuza de Kaufmann Yapo of the Dynasty Dlaminini Sobhuza has an important mission and that is to promote African Art. A major reason for this is that she likes art, her family is from Africa and African Art is undervalued. We spoke with her recently at the Pulitzer Hotel in Amsterdam about her important mission on African Art.

King Sobhuza ll of Swaziland

Her grandfather was King Sobhuza II of Swaziland that is situated between South Africa and Mozambique. Between 1921 and 1968,  her grandfather was the supreme leader of Swaziland during the period that Britain was the ruler of Swaziland. In 1968 Swaziland became independent and her grandfather was crowned as King of Swaziland. He was the King of Swaziland until his death in 1982. Incidentally, the name of Swaziland was recently converted to “the Kingdom of Eswantini”.

Princess Isabelle is married and she is mother of three beautiful children. She is independent and very active in orginizing exclusive weddings, special dinners and special events in her impressive Château de Marcilloles and now she is working on the realization of one of her passions: the fusion and combining of art and fashion in a sophisticated atmosphere.

Her love for African Art

Her Royal Highness Princess Isabelle finds it of the utmost importance to promote African Art, because it comes to the heritage and culture of its ancestors. In addition of course it is also about the African culture and the impact it has had in the Western world. That is why HRH Princess Isabelle has decided to become a manager of artists and in particular for African artists.

HRH Princess Isabelle: “Art of African artists is wonderful and often undervalued. In Western art galleries there is little to no African Art to see and I want to do something about this situation. My goal is to put the art of African artists in the spotlight and to get it on the international art stage where they belong. I want to achieve this.

Samir Zarour

The first artist whom she proudly is to represent is Mr Samir Zarour. He is a painter who lives in Lebanon and his home base is the Ivory Coast where he was born. Mr Zarour is well known in Africa and his paintings also deserve to get all the attention in Western countries. HRH Princess Isabelle as taken the task of making a list of his work, to describe them, understanding them, to know them, to collect them and sell them at international level.

HRH Princess Isabelle: “When I think of Samir Zarour I think of creation, knowledge and wisdom, but also my youth and enthusiasm. Samir is for me, through his stories, his journey, his drive and his optimism a real mentor. He is a true model of inspiration. His art is figurative, surreal and romantic. Really very special and therefore he should get more attention outside of Africa where he already is very well known. My favorite work of Samir is that of Jesus, because this work has a particular history. One day Samir had a dream about 2 angels who came to him to describe the face of Jesus. After he woke up from his dream, he painted this portrait thinking back of his dream and he has managed to paint the risen Jesus without a trace of blood on his face. There are many painters who have painted Jesus, but success is not reserved for all artists. Each artist has his or her own style. The most beautiful situation is if you can combine the name of the artist with a work of art, without having seen the signature on the artwork. Then you are sure you can recognize the hand of the artist.


HRH Princess Isabelle has, in addition to its beautiful Château de Marcilloles, picked Cannes to live and to work to highlight African Art worldwide. She is working with various plans to set up exclusive art events in and around Cannes and as HRH Princess Isabelle has a huge network with influential people it will be obvious that the African Art will get the recognition it deserves worldwide.

Photo Credit: Amsterdam Today




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