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Working in partnership with journalists, writers, editors, reporters, copywriters, bloggers, vloggers, photographers, media professionals, media executives and boots-on-the-ground youth correspondents, Amsterdam Today is creating a channel dedicated to video-driven journalism. Amsterdam Today meets the most elusive human beings in Amsterdam, and tells important stories through immersive journalism.

Amsterdam Today, the news site of Paradigmata Media launched in September 2014 under the leadership of Menno Lindeblad, with its revenue goals and surpassed its traffic goals in its first six months. And in january 2018, it had more than 100.000 unique visitors and 500.000 pageviews.

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We believe in delivering premium content to the consumer whenever they want it, in whatever format they require. Menno Lindeblad, Managing Director at Paradigmata Media, said: “We are excited to be launching insight into audience reach of publishers’ content on tablet and mobile. It is imperative that the survey allows commercial teams and agency customers to understand how this is adding to the reach and influence of the sector”

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The rise of social media has meant that content is now available 24/7 and visitors to Amsterdam Today, are hungry for this live information. To discuss advertising, contact Menno Lindeblad on +31(0) 6 51 792 777

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