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Art along the Schinkel in South Amsterdam


Hidden Places is the theme of the third edition of KadS [Art along the Schinkel] in South Amsterdam. Visitors, passers-by and residents of the neighbourhood will be able to engage in a dialogue with what the artists are disclosing or else withholding. Soledad Senlle Art Foundation is organizing the third edition of KadS [Art along the Schinkel] in South Amsterdam. It will be held from 27 sept – 8 nov 2015.

About ten artists have been invited to produce new work in public space in this neighbourhood, based on the theme of Hidden Places. The title is not only intended to suggest the notion of concealed, anonymous, local sites, but also that of the hidden places in ourselves. By means of site-specific artistic interventions, these hidden places will be temporarily revealed.

In addition to an art route past the art projects on various sites, educational guided tours, artist’s talks and lectures are planned.

With: Virginie Dubois, Roos Groothuizen, Lennart Lahuis, Ola Lanko, Jeroen van Loon, Lucia Luptáková, Isabel Miquel Arques, Emmeline de Mooij, Leonard van Munster, Michiel van Nieuwkerk; Olivier de Sagazan (openingsperformance).

Soledad Senlle Art Foundation, sloterkade 171, 1059 eb amsterdam, T +31(0)20 6151395,

Ola Lanko, Shelter


There is a huge basement hidden beneath the Zeil bridge which Ola Lanko has had inhabited by a certain being. It is unclear who or what this being actually is: man, beast or thing? Spread throughout the space is a large quantity of objects and photos about various subjects, such as power, equality, genetic manipulation, prolonging life and climate change.  (Photo: Ola Lanko)

Jeroen van Loon,

What is the value of someone’s DNA? Can this sensitive private data simply be sold and is it possible to become the co-owner of someone else’s DNA data? In that case, what does this mean for the privacy of whoever hands over his DNA and his family? DNA is the storehouse of most personal data, the vector of hereditary information. The technique of reading out DNA is becoming easier, quicker, cheaper and thus more accessible. What are the ethical, financial and social consequences if this unique private data is traded, ends up on the internet and is available to businesses and other organisations?

The art project investigates all these questions. Specially for KadS, Jeroen van Loon is not only exhibiting his DNA data; he is actually offering it for sale.


Photo: Erik Borst



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