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Amsterdam earns EUR 170 million on parking


There was less writing tickets, but last year parkers carried 170 million euros to the finances of Amsterdam. The municipality says that it’s about ‘ regulation ‘ and not to the pennies. The already gigantic source of income for the municipality increased, because of the parking fees. Last year, a record amount of nearly 170 million euro, against 160 million in 2013. That’s almost half a million euros per day. More than a quarter of all the parking fee in theNetherlands is paid in Amsterdam. Because parking administrator Cition works cheaper than a year ago, the costs are also another twenty million lower. How much exactly remains is not known. Because of the competition Cition will not give information about  the amount they will get for their services.

The parking revenues flow into the mobility Fund, of which the money is spent in the field of parking and public space. A part of the money goes to the neighbourhood development. On spending last year was turmoil, when then-Labour Party Councillor Pieter Hilhorst hinted that he would like to use some of the money for education, employment and affordable rental properties.

Chance of being caught

Striking is that fewer and fewer fines are written out. According to Director Jørgen Wade of the parking Administrator this is because more and more motorists are now paying, because the chance of being caught has increased. ‘ One takes no risk any longer. ‘ With the introduction of licenseplate parking, in July 2013, it is easier for Cition to check parked cars. The scan cars can registrate much faster all parked vehicles in a street. The actual situation is then confirmed by employees on scooters. In 2014 were because of this method almost thirty million license plates scanned.

Amsterdam says revenue from parking fees not to consider as a cash cow, but as a tool to regulate the traffic and to improve the accessibility. Cition is in conversation with the municipality about the approach of drivers who have put down their car outside the parking stalls. People do not understand that we are not allow to act when a van is double parked. We like to act on that. There are also talks with the municipality about this situation.

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