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16 signs you were born and raised in the Netherlands


The Dutch have an life style of their own. Read here 16 characteristics about the Dutch.

1. You’re not surprised or offended when small children tell you off.

Dutch children are encouraged to be self-aware and opinionated from an early age and while opinions in the Netherlands are divided on this particular subject, adults generally listen to good arguments, even if given by a seven year old. And if the adult thinks the child is wrong, he will try to educate the child on the matter rather than tell him off.

2. Your respect of rules leaves much to be desired.

Sure you respect authority and rules, but only if they’re convenient for you. After the smoking ban was introduced, a good portion of all bars kept placing ashtrays on the tables inside, risking high fines with the motto ‘Dat moeten we toch lekker zelf weten’ (It’s our own business and no one else’s).

3. While you don’t want to downplay the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet in other countries, you would never put one on yourself.

You see your bike as a natural extension of yourself. It’s not just your bike, it’s your primary means of transport and without it you are nothing. You commute to work on your bike, you drop your children to school on your bike and you’ve mastered the skill of cycling and whatsapping without causing accidents while navigating crowded intersections and ‘accidentally’ passing stop signs.

4. You’re prone to complaining.

It doesn’t matter that you live in one of the happiest and richest countries in the world, there’s always something to complain about. If not the weather it’s the health system, the government, that guy next to you in the overcrowded train who came into your personal space and especially all those other people that are always complaining.

5. You don’t feel the urge to make big fashion statements.

You prefer to go for the casual look and even on a night out you’re spotted wearing jeans and sneakers. But behind the scenes you’ve made an effort to pick out the exact right combination of jeans, shirt and sneakers, wishing to awe with your nonchalant-but-trendy look.

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