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Tour de France: revelations about doping and sex


Former team mates of professional cycling don’t like the book of professional cyclist Thomas Dekker. The former professional cyclists Michael Boogerd, Steven de Jongh and Jacques Hanegraaf are not happy with the biography of former cyclist Thomas Dekker. They are unpleasantly surprised by the revelations about doping and sex.

Team Rabobank

Michael Boogerd, former team mate and roommate of Thomas Dekker at the team of Rabobank, is pretty shocked about the passages that came out. “I don’t believe what I have read so far ”, told the former Pro from The Hague to RTL Boulevard. Dekker admits for exemple that he and room mate Boogerd hired some Eastern European prostitutes just before the start of the Tour de France in 2007. In the book you can also read about Dekker that he bought doping from Boogerd. The winner of two Tour stages says not to have been informed of the arrival of the revealing biography. ” For a year and a half, in vain I have tried to seek contact with Thomas. The book comes as an unpleasant surprise.”

Not happy

De Jongh, who was mentioned in a sexually suggestive passage, responded via Twitter on the revelations in the book. He is especially upset with writer Thijs Zonneveld. “Thanks for the adversarial principle. Not happened.”

Former cyclist Hanegraaf, at that time manager of Dekker, refutes on Omroep Brabant the accusations in the book, to his address. “It is total nonsense and pure slander”, says Hanegraaf about the passage in which he is mentioned as the one that has Dekker to use doping. “At that time I just was involved with making up contracts and I had nothing to do with doping ”, said Hanegraaf.

What happened?

Thomas Dekker writes the following. Michael tells me that the last couple of years he has used blood bags from a bloodbank and about an Austrian athletes manager who is called Stefan Matschiner. He has simply bought the contents of the company Humanplasma and did a course in blood tests. Michael Rasmussen is also a customer of him. We use both Dynepo that Boogerd has gotten from a Slovenian athlete, Bostjan Buc.

During the Tour Michael and Thomas used eight times a syringe with 2000 units. Afraid of getting caught, Dekker is not; According to Michael Dynepo is untraceable, and Dekker believes it. They also use ebery other day cortisonen. The product name is Diprofos. There they had a medical certificate for. I would not even know what: it is a sham. With the cortisonen we can go deeper in the game.

Easter European prostitutes

Thomas: “At an evening we sit in the room and we are getting bored. We have opened a bottle of wine, but that’s not enough entertainment. Drinking is nice, but women are more fun. And so I got to the internet to look for a few escorts. At one o’clock at night a few Eastern European whores came to the door of our room. Michael and I are a bit disappointed: they are a lot less beautiful than on the pictures of the site. It is not very glamorous, in the middle of the night on a small hotel room. Both we choose one of the prostitutes. After having fun with te ladies, we’re going to sleep. The alarm clock will ring at six again. If there is such a thing as a normal life, then we are there completely unhinged.”

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