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Paradigmata Media drives relevant visitors to branded content

Artificial Intelligence

Paradigmata Media is a young, fast growing media tech company, helping companies to optimize content distribution and personalize the user experience. We use Artificial Intelligence to make sure every media user is presented to an optimal mix of content.

We’re here to make companies future proof

Paradigmata Media aims to turn the digital revolution into an opportunity for the media industry – it enables to shop for trends discussed in the media, whether fashion, beauty products, or the latest home design. By turning magazines into a digital shoppable catalog, We build the bridge between publishers and retailers – between offline content and online purchasers. We’re a boutique consultancy servicing clients, it’s imperative that we have the most efficient, cutting-edge technology available to deliver consistent results in the PR and Social Media space.

We know that media production and consumption are fragmenting. We know that advertisers struggle to find relevant reach and impact. Let’s use the smartest possible technologies to solve those challenges together! (Menno Lindeblad, MD Paradigmata Media)

Increase user engagement

You can’t just throw blog posts up and hope to rank well, gain traffic and convert that traffic. We use an excellent tool for identifying trends, finding content that has worked, and educating yourself and our team about how to do content the right way.

What you get with Paradigmata Media

  • More page views per visitor
  • Traffic to native ads
  • New visitors
  • More video views
  • New revenues

Usability for Advertising

Companies should move from banners to native formats. Instead of screaming out push messages, ads should have the same kind of narrative and tone of voice as regular content. More appropriate ad formats and more specific targeting will increase users willingness to consume ads and consequently conversion rates and KPIs of clients’ campaigns will rise.

Great storytelling isn’t a banner ad, it’s an interactive narrative that inspires, educates and excites an audience. Brands have a tremendous opportunity in our connected, digital world. There has been a fundamental paradigm shift in marketing. Banner ads don’t work anymore. In fact, 75% of consumers would prefer getting to know a company through content. Paradigmata Media provide original content through its network of journalists in several bureau offices.

United by one mission

(2000+) Members-Only Group, Freelance Journalism is our Amsterdam-based private group for journalists, writers, editors, reporters, copywriters, bloggers, photographers, media professionals and media executives with peers around the globe, dedicated to the highest standards in journalism. We are united by one mission: To use innovative techniques that bring inspiring stories to life. We are a Dutch company specialised in native advertising and sponsored stories. The unprecedented tool that we use for brand activation is free publicity. Paradigmata Media continuously pitches PR-angles for its clients towards its comprehensive media network.

We work with several publishers, retailers, media owners and europe’s leading provider of real-time advertising technology to increasing revenue.

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Menno Lindeblad, MD Paradigmata Media





About Menno Lindeblad

My professional life is dominated by two activities: trying to understand things and to put things in motion. The first has lead to various columns and articles. The second has put on the path of entrepreneurship. I have always worked at the intersection of journalism, media and technology. At this moment I am Managing Director of ParadigmataMedia including: Amsterdam Today, Executive Business Private Office, MKB-Persberichten, My Wedding Day and the private media group on LinkedIn “Freelance Journalism” with over 2000 active national and international media professionals. Working in partnership with journalists, writers, editors, reporters, copywriters, bloggers, photographers, media professionals, media executives and boots-on-the-ground youth correspondents, Amsterdam Today is creating a channel dedicated to video-driven journalism. Amsterdam Today meets the most elusive human beings in Amsterdam, and tells important stories through immersive journalism. My goal is for to be the place where business owners turn to get inspired, to compare notes, to ask questions, and to learn from one another’s mistakes. Amsterdam Today is a global news community for the connected generation. We highlight human struggles and achievements, empower impassioned voices, and challenge the status quo. We bring you the stories that are shaping our world. Do you ever laugh, cry, get angry or inspired? You’ll fit right in. Got a pitch, tip or leak? Contact me via email: Contact: Website | Facebook | Google+ | More Posts

4 Comments on Paradigmata Media drives relevant visitors to branded content

  1. We put your content infront of the right people. By using algorithms and big data Paradigmata Media finds your audience in the right context. You only get charged if there’s a match and the user is willing to engage with your Content.

  2. Creating content without a distribution strategy is like leaving a leaflet outside your office and hope for your prospects to drive by and pick it up. You might be incredibly lucky, that someone from your target group passes by and picks up your leaflet.

  3. In a previous post we wrote about how the traffic has decreased over the past and continues to decrease. Several of our publishing partners are worried about this trend, and many have contacted us to discuss what can be done to stop this. Working with publishers is at the core of what we do and we’re happy to help.

  4. The massive content explosion on Facebook has had dramatic effects on organic reach for every post you do, less than 2,5 % will actually see it.

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