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Janne Schra is a talented Dutch singer


Dutch artist Janne Schra (1981) has four albums to date. In 2006, she released ‘Six White Russians and a Pink Pussycat’ with her first band Room Eleven, which went platinum. In 2008, the band released ‘Mmm…Gumbo’, which they recorded in New York and which went golden. Together with Room Eleven she toured Japan, Canada, Europe and South Africa, received a ‘Silver Harp’ (an award given to promising musical talent in the Netherlands) and closed this chapter with a sold-out show at the Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam, from which came the DVD ‘Room Eleven Live in Carré’ in 2009.

Averse to the beaten track, Schra continued under the name Schradinova (her painter’s pseudonym under which she still paints). In 2011, she recorded the free-spirited ‘India Lima Oscar Victor Echo You’ and digital EP ‘Schradinova Live at Kytopia’ in Stockholm. After much fruitful collaboration with, among others, M. Ward, Dayna Kurtz, Kyteman, De Staat, Kraak & Smaak and Benjamin Herman (EP ‘Made in China’ in Shanghai), in 2012, it was time to say ‘this is me’ and she continued under her own name and released her widely acclaimed album ‘Janne Schra’ in 2013.

In january 2015 her new CD Ponzo will be presented to the press and will start her Theatre tour. Use this link to see where and when Janne Schra is performing in 2015.

Watch her new song of her new CD Ponzo by using this link. The song is called “Little Bamboo”.

Here you can watch Janne Schra when see participated the Dutch famous talk show De Wereld Draait Door.

Stay tuned for the next project!


OOR (2013)
“Chameleon Schra switches from sultry crooning to spirited verses and her band follows along cheerfully in her wake, making her show interesting until the end. I, for one, am in love.”

NRC **** (2013)
“A breath of fresh air – in mind and heart. A combination of musical growth and self-reflection, expressed principally in more personal lyrics and selecting instruments that best suit her intriguing, rather sensual voice. Schra’s dreamy penchant for nostalgia has remained. Less the loveable girl, with a rawer, mature sound.”

AD **** (2013)
“Schra – still holder of one of the most intriguing voices in our country – sings pop songs with jazz and blues influences. Songs that are sometimes flawless, that sometimes go off track intentionally, but that always hold a certain mystery.”

DE VOLKSKRANT **** (2013)
“Schra knows how to engage her audience with childlike playfulness. Through her almost cinematic songs, Schra gives them what they need, without vocal power play. Modest and precise. Room is created musically and the songstress occupies her place between ragtime and gypsy jazz from which playful magic emerges.”

VOGUE (2013)
“Janne Schra sounds more relaxed than ever before. A jazzy, vulnerable album with a generous touch of melancholy.”

JAN Magazine (2013)
“Janne has a magnificent voice – sometimes frayed, sometimes velvety, but always moving. Her self-titled album contains a beautiful collection of lyrical songs. Fragile and yet powerful.”

File Under (2013)
“The new Janne Schra can still affect your tear ducts, your hips and the places you would most like to have gently caressed, as the old Janne did. Thank goodness.” **** (2012)
Janne Schra has one of the most recognisable and distinctive singing voices that Dutch music is fortunate to have. Fragile and warm, telling and captivating. When you listen carefully, each song is a little work of art.”

De Pers (2011)
“She doesn’t carry her Room Eleven legacy as a burden. On the contrary, the touring around Japan and other distant countries has made her a performer who presents herself utterly naturally to the audience.”

Musicmaker (2010)
“Schra’s vocals have only gotten better, and she is laying them down in a setting much less eager to please, or perhaps all too eager to please… Janne has created an adventurous album of songs, each one sounding truly different from the rest. And it’s the only record in this month’s batch that I can say that about.” (2010)
“She is a fantastic singer with a lot of nerve. The nerve to make the music she likes without worrying about anyone else. The nerve to write the lyrics that in some cases only she really gets. But above all, the nerve to be herself. Which is amazingly appealing. Looking for a tasty album to get lost in? A CD that’s “different”… for a change? Look no further than Schradinova.”

Musicmaker (2010)
“The music is really something special. Just the thing to hold off the winter just a little bit longer while you think back on those nice long summer nights.”

OOR (2010)
“India Lima Oscar Victor Echo You is a daring, successful and enthralling album.”

Shouting Boots Radio 6 (October 2010)
“There’s only one way to say it: artistically, lyrically and from a production standpoint: a masterpiece – but yet so listenable.”

AD (2010)
“The deeper layer is what makes Janne Schra one of the Netherlands’ best vocalists.”

Nieuwe Revue (2010)
“The journey through Schradinova begins with the Johnny Cash-esque Draw the Line, and then quickly passes by Portishead and the Far East. But the album still manages to remain a cohesive whole. How? Because the music never gets in the way; it always sounds inviting. And because one thing sets the tone throughout: that stunningly beautiful voice.”

Plato Mania (2010)
“When I hear that sultry whisper, I get hot flushes. When she screams and shouts, she has my undivided attention…
…Well, Schradinova: I love you Tango, Oscar, Oscar.”

3voor12 Amsterdam (2010)
“There’s more variety to the music than what we’re used to from Room Eleven. Still jazzy, but with a few rough edges and dark undertones here and there. That to me says it all: Room Eleven is dead, long live Schradinova!” (2010)
“Songs about pencils, burnout truck drivers, an imaginary Italian family (one of the gems of the album), a storm warning and a stormy relationship, the way only Janne can write about them. The richness of the music, with Balkan influences, Arabic scales, sweet electronic sounds and Calexico-country flavor, is just as unique. But the real show-stopper is Janne and her voice. She can soothe your soul, scare you, make you smile and make you feel loved. Without even trying, if listening is anything to go by. No, Janne knows exactly how to user her voice to take the song to the next level.”

For more information about Janne Schra you can use this link or go to

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