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Has Beijing been duping the US since Mao?

02/02/2015 // 0 Comments

Top China analyst Says Beijing has been duping the US since Mao. China launched a secret 100-year modernization program that deceived successive U.S. administrations into [...]

Korea’s 5 hottest beauty trends

29/01/2015 // 0 Comments

South Korea is a land of beauty. Ever since the great BB cream takeover of 2012, all eyes have been on Korea’s beauty scene. BB cream, that multi-tasking skin care wonder [...]

Obama: it’s great to be back in India

25/01/2015 // 0 Comments

Politics in Asia. President Obama arrived in India on Sunday for a three-day visit aimed at strengthening bilateral ties as the two countries appeared close to a long-sought [...]

Bhakti Sharma sets WR in Antarctic Ocean

15/01/2015 // 0 Comments

India’s open water swimmer Bhakti Sharma has set a world record by swimming 1.4 miles in 52 minutes in one degree temperature at Antarctic Ocean. She has bettered the [...]

Things Chinese people say to foreigners

13/01/2015 // 0 Comments

In a follow-up to the group’s skit listing some of the absurd to outright offensive questions and statements foreigners regularly rattle off to Chinese people, MAMAHUHU [...]

India’s mounds of garbage can be overcome

12/01/2015 // 0 Comments

India is home to some of the filthiest cities in the world, but the success of its mission to clean up its streets will hinge on whether it can completely revolutionise the [...]

Young adults in Japan and Coming-of-Age Day

11/01/2015 // 0 Comments

Monday is Coming-of-Age Day, in honor of those who will turn 20 this year. What do they see, these fledgling men and women, as they look into the future? Most of them — the [...]
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