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AirBoard–The Flying Segway


This is the world’s most powerful quadcopter that can fit in car’s trunk. A reimagined helicopter to be more portable and relevant. This is a project which aim is to make travel easier, safer, cheaper. More user-friendly. More dynamic. And certainly more natural.

It is just 180 cm in length and 150 cm high. AirBoard doesn’t need an airport to take-off or land because it is a vertical take-off and landing aircraft as well as it does not need an hangar and can be hold in a house.

When you close the AirBoard it takes  3 times less space with a size of just 110 by 80 cm. It can lift a human yet it is small enough to fit in a car’s trunk. That means with its portable size you can take it in a train, bus or a car when traveling a long distance. Then open and fly.

Brains behind the AirBoard is an intelligent Intel processor. The chip combines many sub-systems into one remarkably compact module, which is bluetooth enabled to create interactive connectivity between your phone or tablet and AirBoard.

AirBoard has a ground collision sensor ensuring constant height from the ground. This comes very handy in mountainous environments and traveling up or down the stairs. In safety mode the flight altitude is limited to 1.5 meters.

Custom designed software uses the built-in gyroscope and accelerometer providing continuous take-off and keeping device steady balancing the weight and lift. This makes it very easy to control AirBoard even for unexperienced pilots. The built-in GPS system and compass establishes better speed and navigation data for Remote App, as well as secures the device with a location based security alarm.

AirBoard can be used for moving in extreme environments, military and emergency services like search and rescue, filming astonishing footage, aerial cattle mustering and having a great travel experience.

Beginning on the 9th February the future of AirBoard is in YOUR hands. By backing the campaign we will receive the funds needed to develop the AirBoard and ship it. We will improve it according to your advice, enter into certification process, start software debugging, tooling, pre-production and final testing. In late 2015 we will begin to mass produce this air vehicle and start shipping.





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